Blindspot: Seeing Environmentalism from New Musical Perspectives

Thursday, January 1 1970, 12:00 AM

About this Concert

In early 2022, the Strata Festival of New Music asked Saskatchewan composers to submit proposals for music that explored new perspectives on the theme of environmentalism – and the composers did not disappoint! These pieces approach topics such as the space between non-human and human development, the monsoon rains in India, the diverse forms found in nature, and others. 

This concert will also feature the music of David L. McIntyre, one of Saskatchewan’s most admired and performed composers.  The music will all be performed by the Strata Ensemble, a group made up of some of the finest musicians in Saskatchewan. 

Kevin Junk, Brenda Moats, Gilles Turcotte, Jonathan Tait, Arlene Shiplett, Aaron Bueckert, Rhett Schroeder, Michael Swan, Naomi Piggott-Suchan

David L. McIntyre (Regina)

This Highway is a River by Graeme Dyck
Avyo ke Avshe by Yash Arvindbh Kathrotia
Letters from the Ocean by Kaydence Banga
Forms of Nature: Branching, Packing, Explosion, Meander, Spiral by Paul Suchan
Mini-set from behold, the sonic universe (Mostly Magpies, Chorale for House Sparrows, behold, the sonic universe) by Spencer Krips
Winter Gardens Mov 2 only by David L. McIntyre
Surprise by David L. McIntyre
Night and Day by David L. McIntyre


Thursday, January 1 1970, 12:00 AM