From See to Sound to See

Thursday, January 1 1970, 12:00 AM

About this Concert

In Person Concert

From See

to Sound

to See

The concert From See to Sound to See features music exploring the relationship between visual and aural art.  Visual artists created works inspired by musical compositions, and composers created works inspired by the same artist’s work.  Paired composers and artists also choose an abstract emotion and created works independently that are presented jointly.  The music will be performed by pianist, Sylvia Shadick-Taylor with projected images of the artwork.  Originally from Saskatoon, Sylvia, is a professional pianist, now living in Edmonton, who specializes in Canadian contemporary repertoire.

This performance is presented by Remai Modern in partnership with the Strata Festival of New Music. Capacity is limited to 30 people.


Thursday, January 1 1970, 12:00 AM