Pick your Spot: Installation on Environmental Themes and Inter-Disciplinary Response to Installation

Thursday, January 1 1970, 12:00 AM

About this Concert

In this exciting new event, composers have been asked to create works for 16 part choir on an environmental theme of their choice.  At the event, the 16 part choir pieces will be projected through 16 separate speakers all surrounding Quance Theatre, with each voice only coming through one speaker.  When viewing the installation, you will have a chance to adjust the balance of the music in two ways:  you can pick your spot by physically moving around the space, or you can adjust the volume of each voice with a live input device.  In response to the unveiled installation, poets and visual artists from a variety of backgrounds will present new poetry, visual art, and performative art.

Featuring new works by Shawn Vereschagin, Brian Garbet, and Samuel Dmyterko

Cliff Burns, poet
Terri Lynn Mitchell, visual art
Michel Boutin, performance response


Thursday, January 1 1970, 12:00 AM